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3D printed drug approved by FDA

3D printed drug approved by FDA

Since its launch, the 3D printer has become increasingly popular. Among others, the medical sector has found many applications for the device, like the production of prostheses, models for surgery practice and cartilage implants. Now pharmacy has its first FDA-approved 3D printed drug developed by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Company.

The drug called Spritam was approved for the treatment of epilepsy. It is manufactured from several layers of powder and has the great advantage of immediately dissolving upon coming into contact with water. This makes it oral administration very easy, especially for children who find it difficult to swallow pills. Moreover, 3D printing allows a very precise regulation of the drug dosage, the developers report. In the US, Spritam will be available from early 2016.

This video shows how fast Spritam dissolves compared to regular soluble pills.

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