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Successful days during the Games For Health Europe Congress

Successful days during the Games For Health Europe Congress

From October 28th to 29th the third edition of the Games for Health Europe (GFHEU) took place. During this event, scientists, medical professionals and game developers were able to share knowledge and experience on applied games in healthcare. The event was held in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

“For me the congress is a success if it is a success for the participants. And I believe that it was”, a slightly relieved Jurriaan van Rijswijk, Chairman of the Games For Health Foundation says. Van Rijswijk received more than 500 registrations, which is, in his words “a good amount.”

Google Glass
Both the participants and the speakers came from around the globe to Amstelveen for the congress. One of the keynote speakers was the American trauma surgeon, dr. Rafael Grossmann. He was the first surgeon ever wearing the Google Glass while performing an operation.  On Monday October 28th dr. Grossman connected his Google Glass with dr. Marlies Schijven, surgeon at the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam, who was performing an operation while wearing Google Glass. Dr. Grossmann streamed the image to a big screen, so the entire audience was able to watch the surgery.
The images were also streamed to different websites such as Skipr and the website of AMC. Even though not all the reactions, like on Twitter, about the quality of the images were positive, Van Rijswijk calls it a successful experiment. “From the moment dr. Schijven told us she was willing to participate, until the event  were exciting days. But we did it, so the experiment was a success. I’m really glad this took place during the GFHEU congress”, Van Rijswijk says.
Other important keynote speakers were the neuroscientist Amy Robinson and researcher Isabela Graniç. Robinson spoke about her research and the understanding of the human brain through a three-dimensional image. Graniç spoke about the research she is doing to help youngsters that lack certain social skills.

Parallel sessions and the opportunity to network
Besides the diverse plenary lectures with keynote speakers, the participants could also take part in several parallel sessions. Topics including public health, game design and development, medicine adherence and research and validation were discussed. In addition, there was a poster session, which gave participants the opportunity to network with different developers and parties involved.  

Source: GFHEU and editors of Medix Publishers

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