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MedZine Labels

Learning App

Challenges healthcare professionals in their medical knowledge and skills

MedZine Learning

This time-saving and easy-to-use medical learning platform uses gamification elements to test and train the medical knowledge of healthcare professionals. MedZine Learning supports the specific needs in knowledge and skills by sending personalised smart interventions.

All questions and answers are shown in personalised libraries, shown in results and connected to up-to-date sources. The CMS enables the administrator to adjust content, upload results and upload databases if necessary.

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Contact App

Video consultation made easy for healthcare professionals

MedZine Contact 

Replace one-to-one consultation with faster and more reliable access to healthcare for patients with video-enabled consultations on smartphone, tablet and desktop. 

While using MedZine Contact, healthcare professionals can view or adjust medical information, share files such as pictures and documents, create group video calls and directly connect with the their telephone network through the software . All data are safely stored with a secure private cloud-storage hosting system  that is NEN7510 & ISO certified.

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Chat App

Secure and encrypted messaging for healthcare professionals

MedZine Chat

Safely send and receive messages and share images and videos with other healthcare professionals without worrying about your privacy. The mobile app, available for Android and iPhone, uses a combination of five security methods (unique user ID's, NEN7510 & ISO certified hosting, SSL and private keys) to ensure user privacy. 

With MedZine Chat, healthcare professionals can also temporarily connect with patients, without the need of phone numbers or personal information. All doctor-patient connections can be permanently closed by the healthcare professional. 

Work more efficiently by adding more services to your MedZine Chat account like voice memos and video messaging.

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