by happy users

''Quick access to the latest publications specificly for your own field of expertise in a pleasant way.''

De heer M. Bekkenk,
dermatologist Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam
De heer M. Bekkenk

'The appearance of the MedZine App invites you to start reading and continue doing so'

De heer W.A. de Groot,
Owner/writer, www.appadvies.nl
De heer W.A. de Groot

'A very nice way to quickly stay informed'

Drs. W. Eland,
Psychiatrist, Ulvenhout, The Netherlands
Drs. W. Eland

‘Easy. No need to flip through all those separate journals!’

Drs. Linda Huisman,
general practitioner at Healthcenter Daalmeer, The Netherlands
Drs. Linda Huisman

‘The app is useful to quickly get an impression of the new relevant medical information’

Prof. Dr. Marjolein Drent,
Professor interstitial Lung Diseases (ild), Hospital Gelderse Vallei (ILD Department), University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Marjolein Drent

‘Unique medium to stay up to date in your field of expertise’

Dr. Y. Reisman MD,
PhD, urologist and sexologist, Amstelland Hospital and Bovenij Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Y. Reisman MD

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