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2. Staying up to date

To keep up even better, you can choose to receive extra information. For example, we have a digital newsletter with important updates, tips and additional information about the app. The newsletter is published six times a year. Furthermore, we will soon offer you an email digest with regular overviews of the most read articles.

3. Compiling your magazine

Your personal magazine is being loaded based on your selected fields of interest. From now on you have access to your own medical magazine with all the articles that are relevant to you.

4. Navigation in MedZine

MedZine consists of five channels. In ‘Your news’ you can find all articles that are important for the fields of interest you have chosen. Furthermore, we have the channel ‘Most read’ with the most viewed articles. The channel ‘Recommended’ lists articles which have been selected by an algorithm based on your reading preferences. Every week, our medical editors also highlight special publications and interview renowned scientists and doctors. These articles are published on our ‘Editorial’ channel. Last, but not least, we have the ‘Event’ channel. Here, important information, updates and articles concerning upcoming congresses in your field are uploaded.

5. Fast, easy and convenient

On each channel you will find a clear overview of listed articles. This allows you to screen new publications and choose the articles you would like to read.

6. Sharing news

Everything your read in MedZine, you can directly share with colleagues and friends by mail, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also choose to read an article at a later point in time. Simply mark it as a favourite and you will find it in your reading list. By liking an article, MedZine will be able to adapt its content even better to your interests.

7. Learn more about Medzine

Under ‘Settings’ you can find more information about MedZine, for example the composition of the MedZine editorial board and our privacy statement. Furthermore, this the place where you can alter all your preferences.

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