Frequently Asked Questions

and the answers

1. Can I select multiple specialties in MedZine?

Yes, if you are interested in multiple specialties, you can tick off the ones you like.

2. How can I read the full text article in MedZine?

Below the abstract, you can find the button ‘show full article’, which will lead you to the original source. Here, you can find more information about the article.

3. How many users has MedZine?

MedZine has more than 18,000 downloads and this number increases weekly. For the most recent numbers, please contact or +31(0)20 8201166.

4. Do I have to pay to use MedZine?

No, MedZine is completely free of charge.

5. Where can I find my BIG number?

You can find your BIG number on the special website of the BIG register

6. Where can I find my CIBG number?

You can find your CIBG number on the special website of the CIBG register

7. Where can I find my KP number?

You can find your KP number on the special website of the KP register

8. Why is there a login?

Doctors and paramedics are requested to enter their BIG, CIBG or KP number because of legal reasons (CGR). This way, we can verify your registration at the ministry of public health, welfare, and sport (VWS) and the quality register of paramedics (Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici).

9. Can I save articles for later?

Yes, by tagging an article as a favourite with the heart icon it will appear in your reading list (book icon). Now, you can find the article whenever you want to read it.

10. How do I submit a website to the sources of MedZine?

If you send us the web address, our editors and editorial board will check whether the website meets the criteria. Naturally, you can also contact us to remove your website from MedZine.

11. How are the channels ‘Most viewed’ and ‘Recommended’ assembled?

In ‘most viewed’ you will find the articles that have been opened most often by your colleagues and in ‘recommended’ you can find articles that have been selected based on your reading behaviour.

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