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With a mix of advertisements, Genzyme creates attention for their 'Trace app':The physician easily illustrates the diagnosis to their patient with this clever drawing tool.
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Reach health care professionals with MedZine

MedZine app provides medical relevant content to specific medical specialists and other health care professionals. With our help, you can exclusively claim your target audience with a high attention factor.

The app collects important medical publications for presentation in a digital magazine, specific for each specialism. By choosing their field of interest, all users receive personalised medical content, unique as well as translated. This way, doctors stay up to date on all healthcare related developments. Just like regular magazines, MedZine has room for advertisements and advertorials.

We help our clients with the strategy, implementation, optimisation and reporting of their campaigns. Because of our experience, we are able to ensure a fast, well-designed campaign to get the maximum effect out of your advertisement budget. Furthermore, we deliver key insights into the reach of your advertisements.

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