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Radboud medical centre shares patient information with the US and Canada

Radboud medical centre shares patient information with the US and Canada

Although the Epic Care Everywhere system is widely used in North America, most other countries are oblivious of the international network that enables sharing of electronic patient files. The Radboud University Medical Centre (Radboudumc) has recently become one of the first European Epic members.

With the Care Everywhere module of the healthcare software company Epic, patient information can safely be shared between hospitals connected to the Epic network worldwide. To ensure patient safety and privacy, the use of the Epic electronic patient file comes with strict rules. For example, participating medical centres can only access patient dossiers with consent of the patient himself.

This means that from now on, the Radboudumc will be able to use all relevant medical data from US and Canadian visitors who are registered with an Epic hospital. This way, they can provide fast and efficient care without unnecessary medical examinations. Naturally, the same accounts for Radboudumc patients visiting an Epic clinic in North America.

Because of the low number of participating medical centres in Europe, Radboudumc’s use of Care Everywhere will probably stay limited in the near future. However, they expect the Epic network to expand rapidly, both in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Sources: Radboudumc, Epic

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